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Its August, and I have grown grey hairs on my ears. 

The stress of being 3200 miles from home in a $103K vehicle that I don't need, and can not afford is taking its toll on me.

This picture summed up my mood for most of the month. 

Why doesn't Goodwin call me back? Why does he seem like this install is going to be no problem, yet I have not even received a firm quote. I don;t even know if he would sell me just the parts so I can do the install myself back in Providence... but that would mean going back East on Diesel.  I was not about to give up, but no giving up sure did suck!

We have exchanged nothing in writing, and I have spent a ton of time and money, with my family in the balance.  Is this man crazy?  Anke keeps saying that she believes him, but my business intuition tells me that if a man can not even get a price of work to a client that is living in town, waiting for said work, that "this dog ain't never gonna' hunt", as they say in the deepest, Jewish enclaves of New York City.

The whole trip we have been plauged with suspention problems.  First the bus was sold without any front or rear anti sway arm bushings, then when we finaly get them isntalled, something is horribly wrong.  This picture shows the rear suspention bars hanging about 1" off the ground.  I would christen many a speed bump with these dangerous bad boys hanging low.

August was a month filled with dynamic and rich feelings of doom and elation.  Some moments I was petrified of where I was and how little control I had over my environment,

 yet other moments I was exuberantly happy about where I was and how little control I had over my environment.

Here I am, pissed off, working for a client on the computer over a cell phone modem.  I was not happy for a long time.

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