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Click on the links above to see our "Wok-umentary" of our three month journey living in a bus as our family of five converts the world's first luxury motor home to run on free, waste vegetable oil, and then drive home, cross country on

The Fat Of America



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Coming soon... I will post little MPEG movies of the more interesting highlights of the trip, from the four junkies shooting up 15 feet from my kids, to the vomitus oil I took on...

September was  big month for us.  Elbee ran on WVO for the first time September 4th.

Lots of content to go here...

But as you know, this is under construction....

In the mean time, I will post the beginning and end of September.



This is a picture, taken in Seattle, at the end of August, of my checking account balance before we even left to head home.  I had planned enough money for a worst case scenario.  Of course, this was before I met Chris Goodwin ;)

Here is my primary checking account balance of $42.59.

Yep, it looks like we will have to sell the children for scientific experiment.  We were so broke when we got back, that we had to borrow 6 year old Julia's tooth fairy money to pay the tolls!