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Click on the links above to see our "Wok-umentary" of our three month journey living in a bus as our family of five converts the world's first luxury motor home to run on free, waste vegetable oil, and then drive home, cross country on

The Fat Of America



Elbee Video Clips

We are posting some Elbee video footage for those who want to see what it was like to be on the road, doing the WVO thaang.
Click on the video on the left to watch the movie.

Please feel free to leave comments about the videos here.  We are trying to learn what is interesting to people, and what is not, so your feedback is important to us!

This is the first video we have posted.

It starts in the middle of our adventure, when we take on our first few waste oil fill ups.   We were intentionally pushing the system to see the limits of the on the fly filtration system and the robustness of the WVO as a whole.  Clearly, we found the limits, as this video will attest to.

See our mistakes, as we tested and learned the limits of the experimental filtration system the first few days of our trip.

Later in the journey, we would discover the many splendorous joys of used, all you can eat, Chinese Buffet Vegetable Oil.  Until then, we were determined to filter out decaying animal from our McFuel.

~5 Minute video (~10MB)
Posted 12/21/06

  Same as above.  My first post to YouTube.

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