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Summer, 2007

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Click on the links above to see our day by day
of our three month journey living in a bus as our family of five converts the world's first luxury motor home to run on free, waste vegetable oil, and then drive home, cross country on

The Fat Of America




Elbee,'The Freedom-Machine'

Coast to Coast on Free Waste Vegetable Oil
Documenting an "American Dream"

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Welcome to Liquid Solar Power.   We are looking for corporate sponsors for our next cross country, WVO tour.  Please help us find some corporations that want to promote clean energy and help sponsor the trip.

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Here are the Adlers with one of the world's largest known waste vegetable oil fuel tanks.


This site attempts to document the Adler family's long, but successful journey as they take a family risk, chasing a dream: To convert their 21 ton, 40' luxury, Diesel Motor Coach to run on pure, waste vegetable oil, and drive across the United States, from Seattle, WA  to Providence, RI, powered only on the free, waste vegetable oil they gather and process along the way back home.

The site is under constant construction, as every day will be documented.  Until then, check back for new days being added all the time.

The Adler's had a crazy dream: create the world's first 'Freedom Machine'

A luxury motor home, self contained, and able to support a family indefinitely -- powered by Free, clean burning,  Waste Vegetable Oil.  The  experimental system would have to enable them to easily gather and process free, waste oil from America's plentiful fast food restaurants while  they traveled across the country.

The whole effort was planned to take about  3   weeks.  It took almost three months.

It pushed the limits of the experimental technology, and challenged the family in many ways - living together in a bus for 78 days, so far from home, with so little which was ever certain.

Struggling daily to overcome technical and personal challenges, in the end, the love of the art, and the love of the family persevered.

78 days later, over budget, out of money, with both credit cards long since declined, they were only able to pay the last of the highway tolls because 6 year old Julia donated her tooth fairy money. 

Finally, they made it across country, as planned -- powered completely on free, waste vegetable oil.  What was not planned, was how the ordeal grew them closer as a family than they ever could have imagined. 
Their amazing story is documented here.

Can you help? 

We would love to get a national story, or TV spot to talk about our adventure driving
with the whole family, cross country, for three months --  on FAT! 
Please let me know if you can help to get us a national media spot to promote this coolness!  People seem interested in the story on many levels - and we want to talk about it! 


Quick Bus Facts

  • 1997 40 foot motorhome. 
  • 11 liter, 450HP turbo charged diesel engine
  • GRVW of over 21 tons
  • 12.5Kw Diesel generator

Quick Family Facts

  •  Jonah, 3
    (became potty trained on the trip)
  • JuJu, 5,
    (turned 6 on the trip, lost a tooth)
  • Lilly, 7
    (Lost a tooth)
  • Anke, very young, timeless actually, looks great for her age.
  • Steve, just turned 40 and apparently going through mid life crises. 

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